Triple Spiral Animal Haven Society is a not-for-profit Canadian registered Society which has HEART as it’s Mission Statement. 

  • Humane — it is the Society’s mission to ensure livestock is ensured Humane Rights of shelter, food, adequate medical care and quality of life. 
  • Education — it is the Society's mission to have non-judgemental empathy for animal guardians, and to provide them with education and guidance where needed. 
  • Adaptable — it is the Society’s mission to be adaptable to all types of animal care situations, environments and owner capabilities 
  • Resources — it is the Society’s mission to provide resources to animal guardians in order to ensure the humane rights of shelter, food, adequate medical care and quality of life for the animals in there care, and to provide a temporary haven for any animals in need of rescue. 
  • Training — it is the Society’s mission to provide training to animal guardians, who may be new to livestock, or unfamiliar with the most current livestock practises. 

The Triple Spiral Haven Society is an advocate for the animals at all times, and our goal is to facilitate animal guardians in:

  • Ensuring that all animals are up to date on required vaccines and immunizations. 
  • Ensuring animals receive appropriate vet care.
  • Making every effort to offset cost of spaying/neutering of pets
  • Finding optimal placement in a forever home should animal guardians face that scenario.


The Triple Spiral Haven Society supports and emphasizes the importance of a structured adoption process:

  • Requiring appropriate verification and safeguards to ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly. This includes:
  • Requiring an application form and adoption contract.
  • Screening potential adopters through reference checks and a thorough home visit before an animal is placed.
  • Working carefully to match up the right forever home with the right animal, based on the animal’s needs/personality/etc.
  • Not being afraid to say no to an adopter IF the situation is not optimal for the adoption consideration.
  • Providing up to date vet paperwork to the adopter upon final adoption.
  • Requiring that if the adopter cannot keep the animal for any reason, the animal is returned to the Triple Spiral Animal Haven Society.


The Triple Spiral Haven Society understands the importance of and complies with applicable federal, provincial and local laws focused on animal welfare:

  • Requiring Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) and adherence to all federal, provincial and local laws when transporting animals.
  • Agreeing to follow the National Federation of Humane Societies companion animal transport best practices whenever reasonable and possible. (
  • Requiring a legal release form from owner-surrenders.
  • Securing appropriate licensure for your efforts or organization, in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.


Triple Spiral Haven Society conducts their business in an ethical manner while still remaining focused on the animal’s welfare:

  • Agreeing to NEVER breed animals in order to “support” the Society.
  • Understanding the limits of the Society resources by not accepting more animals than it has the legal authority, space, time or financial means to care for and not supporting organizations attempting to do so.
  • Supporting the work of other rescue organizations whenever possible.

Your gift of financial support is greatly appreciated. E-transfer donations can be sent to: